'Five12' is a play on some very important birthdays in my life. Combining those dates into my brand means my family is never very far away. 'Five12' is about family. It's about those you share your passions with. To you and me, it's the cars we drive, modify, and dream about. It's the excitement we feel when we step into the garage and smell the oil, see the tools, and hear that engine rev.


FIVE12 Garage started as a YouTube channel featuring Scott and his 1999 C5 Corvette FRC. After watching many hours of automotive YouTube videos he decided to grab a camera and give it a try himself. Well into making his first 100+ videos, he decided to ratchet things up a bit by building a place where Corvette enthusiasts can come to shop a content rich site full of highly curated products with simple, clean navigation.  

Driving FIVE12 Garage is Scott's passion for the automotive community. From installing a basic mod to organizing a Corvette meetup with friends and fellow Youtuber's, it's about sharing a love for the automobile.

It's more than a car. It's an experience. It's an expression. It's a lifestyle.

An early background as an auto tech, a love for the automobile and a top-tier MBA, allows Scott to combine the best of his hands, heart and mind to bring you a complete automotive shopping experience.

Come on into the FIVE12 Garage.